Save Your Curls, Save Your Time & Money, and Save The Environment


Get your beauty on at Hello Curls and make the earth a better place. Caring for natural curls and caring about nature (& the environment) look great together!




Hello Curls Salon is doing extreme 5-Rs: Recycling, Reducing, Reusing, Repurposing and Refusing. And the best secret of all? It is easy.


Thankfully, I am not doing this alone. Here’s how YOU are going to help Hello Curls go super-green.


  1. BYO-Bags for retail purchases. I am happy to help you carry items to your car (or bicycle).


  1. Use concentrated products from Innersense that work great to keep your curls looking their best. Get more days out of your set, reduce number of shampoo-days at home and save prep time. Innersense products are safe for the environment (and safe for you) with certified organic ingredients, no toxic/non-irritating chemicals, no animal testing, biodegradable packaging, and is a “Bay Area Green Business”. Innersense works great on ALL hair types and ages. One line for everyone in your household.


  1. One-use, cloth hand towels to be laundered, eliminating the use of paper towels in the bathroom. Filtered water and ice served in washable glasses, coffee and tea served in washable cups. Drop your recyclables in the HCS bins, even your leftover food will be composted. No waste!


  1. Donate your unwanted personal care items (opened squeeze bottles are OK) to the HCS collection to be distributed to families in need through Mary House / Loaves & Fishes. Keep your bathroom clutter-free and help someone-in-need look and feel better about themselves. HCS will also sponsor clothing donation drives to WEAVE.


  1. Whenever possible, plan your visit to HCS with other errands. You’ll save gas and time. Or ride your bike 🙂


  1. Paper-free as much as possible. Email receipts and appointment reminders. Electronic copy of how-to-notes. Electronic gift cards.


  1. Coming soon: BYOCC Bring Your Own CLEAN Container for bulk items. Reuse your bottles, refuse to add to the recycle bin by reducing your plastic accumulation. Save money per ounce, too! Hooray!!!


  1. $1.50 per service visit “Environmental Fee” added to your HCS receipt. $1.00 goes directly toGreen Circle Salons(explained below) and the other 50 cents helps HCS pay for alternative energy programs with SMUD, support other in-house recycling initiatives, and invest in energy-saving equipment.


Read about Green Circle Salon’s Mission for 100% Sustainable Salons by the year 2020 by clicking here: Green Circle Salons.


~ 100% of all hair clippings, a renewable resource, are sent to a boom manufacturer, used in the clean up industrial oil spills. The booms absorb the oil in waterways and land, limiting environmental contamination and loss of wildlife.

~ 100% of all foil, plastic, color tubes and plastics that are NOT currently recyclable by local waste programs.

~ 100% of unapplied color mixture to be safely incinerated, instead of disposed in the sink or trash, keeping toxins out of the aquifers and landfills.


Green Circle Salons directly receives $1 from the $1.50 environmental fee added to your service ticket. Under the contract, Hello Curls Salon submits a monthly client visit report to determine the current invoice amount. The $1 covers their cost for collection, shipping and processing of the diverted waste items.


The remaining $0.50 will be deposited into the HCS Eco-Savings Account to cover the cost of participation in SMUD’s Greenergy Alternative Clean Energy program for businesses and fund Hello Curls Salon in-house, 5-R, super-green practices:


  1. Collect cold, not-yet-to-temperature, shampoo faucet water to irrigate the courtyard garden, about 5-10 gallons a day. The difference in the courtyard garden after one month is a bloom-full sight to behold!


  1. Take advantage of the natural light from the windows and turn off lights in empty rooms. LED bulbs for the lowest energy draw.


  1. AC set to 78 degrees on a programmable thermostat. Open the windows for fresh air when weather permits. Use low-draw fans for comfort.


  1. Washable and reusable items: dishes, glasses, hand towels. Filtered water and ice, no plastic bottle waste.  Laundry washed in a high efficiency machine and line-dried when weather permits.


  1. New, high-efficiency water heater. Saving up for a supplemental solar water heating unit, maybe as soon as next year.


  1. Installation of easy-to-maintain, 50-year engineered floors, that are BPE and formaldehyde-free. No trees were harmed in the process.


  1. Paperless bookkeeping, scheduling, client records, and receipts.


  1. Hello Curls Salon has discontinued the use of color lines that require applied heat to process, also eliminating consumption of plastic processing caps. The new color lines are ammonia-free and the ingredients have been selected to eliminate potential allergens.


  1. Cleansers and disinfectants, except those mandated by state law and the Board of Cosmetology, are plant-based, biodegradable, and eco-friendly. Because no combs or brushes are used, only a small amount of mandated disinfectant is used. Cleansers are bought in bulk atRefill Madness with reusable containers. Check them out for your household needs!


  1. Pedal Powered! I commute by bicycle; a 91% emission reduction, compared to a car. Per year, I eliminate 2,236 miles of wear and tear on my car, free up space on the roads, save $1,308 per year in operating costs, including 82 gallons of gas just to commute to work. I also commute by bike to my daughter’s school, grocery store and most errands.


  1. A bicycle powered generator is in the works to supply energy for salon dryers and phone chargers.


  1. More than 80% of the salon furnishings are from second hand and construction salvage charities, such asRe:Storeand local thrift stores benefiting the community. Donation drives of unwanted personal care items to Mary House and clothing drives for WEAVE.


Let’s make HCS the greenest, most curl-loving salon on precious Mother Earth.


Love & Curls,


Copyright 2016 Beverly Turner

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Zero is Number 1

​You want to make better choices for your health and the health of your family. You’ve educated yourself on key ingredients to look for on labels. You wonder, is it safe? You grab your iPhone and scan the bar code with an app for instant toxicity scores. No need to waste time squinting your eyes trying to read itty bitty print. You have all the information right there in your hand. Point, click, decision made.


As I write this, I am shaking my head, worried that my content will be flagged by your spam filters. 
Lily Tse, Founder and CEO of Think Dirty started her independent and unbiased (no secret industry funding) company out of personal reasons to find safe personal care products. New products are added daily and you, yes YOU, can be an integral participant by scanning bar codes of your products. The app is free (get the app by going directly to the site) and works on iPhones & iPads. 

A gentle warning:

I tried to find Think Dirty App on my App Store and it took me to gambling apps and some other questionable games. Seriously. It was good for a laugh. Go to the site instead.

Android and Windows users you can access similar ingredient information with Skin Deep Data Base from Environmental Working Group.

So where does my all time favorite company, Innersense Organic Beauty, rate?
Big FAT 0. Zero. Clean as clean gets. 
I am eager to share all the information I learned at the Kelly Elaine, Inc. Salon education event for Curly Hair Artistry in January. Greg Starkman, Founder of Innersense, spent two days with 25 Curly Hair Aristry members to help us understand Innersense’s commitment to safe, sustainable methods versus the cheap and dangerous practices of the big mac daddy manufacturers.
My thirst for knowledge on chemistry for cosmetics lead me to an online class that I am participating with today, “Cosmetic Science” by The more I know, the more I know I need to learn. Stay tuned for my blog series on manufacturing processes.
Spoiler alert: 

An easy-to-identify and pronounce ingredient, such as Shea butter, only has to be listed on the ingredients as Shea butter, regardless of residual chemicals that were used to render it quickly and cheaply for mass production. Fillers and solvents, potentially harmful substances, can lawfully be excluded on the label. Let’s call it the “pink slime” of beauty.
Think Dirty empowers consumers to make educated decisions. I am proud to offer Innersense Organic Beauty to my guests as part of my eco-friendly practice. May your glorious crown of curls radiate vibrant health! 

When is Hello Curls coming back to Sac?

My Spring Tour March 28-April 7 now has a waiting list. I won’t be able to see new clients, but I do have a few spaces available for established guests. If you would like to be added to the wait list, please send me an email with your schedule availability and which services you would like. I will offer time slots as the open. I can’t wait until I am back in Sacramento in July.

Love & Curls,

Copyright 2016 Beverly Turner


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Present Day Hair

Beverly Turner Stylist, Curl Advocate inside Juniper Eco Salon Alexandria, VA

Beverly Turner
Stylist, Curl Advocate
inside Juniper Eco Salon
Alexandria, VA

In my last newsletter, I shared my technique for turbo-charging your conditioning process with a squeeze bottle made up with 1 tablespoon of conditioner filled half-way up with warm tap water. I loved all the replies letting me know you tried the technique and that it works for you, too. If you missed the newsletter, it was sent on Tuesday, August 25.

One of my San Diego clients wrote, “Loved this tip! The results are fabulous. Now what’s the best way to revive between washings? My hair is so very fine that it is difficult to keep the curl shape for more than a couple of days.”

Great question! The same question was asked last night during a fundraiser for Keep A Child Alive with Lorraine Massey (yes, THAT ringlet leader) at Oasis Hair Salon in Rockville, MD. *More on this event in a future newsletter.

How to we keep our curls looking good on day 2, 3 and more? Lorraine paused, digested the question, took a deep breath, and asked our guests, why can’t we focus on our hair today, enjoy what our hair is doing at this very moment? In the group of eight stylists specializing in curly hair with thirty-plus curly hair clients, we bonded over how we make an issue about next day hair, yet, today is right here for us to enjoy. It’s true. As curly hair women, we think of our second-day hair like a merit badge of curl achievement. What about TODAY? I bet that within the first ten FB or Instagram posts on your newsfeed there is some inspirational quote about living in the present moment. I know this re-framed thought to allow ourselves to enjoy today’s hair struck a deep soul resonance with the group. We can have anything except yesterday and tomorrow.


OK, back to the question: How to keep the curl shape for more than a couple of days: It all starts and ends with thoroughly and properly hydrated hair. Curly hair that is thirsty will drink up whatever moisture it can find and look frizzy. Before you can attempt DAY TWO, you must be proficient with curly girl methods.

Lorraine gave an example of how she kept her gel cast on for two days of airline travel, then opened up her hair once the plane landed and emerged from the terminal looking fabulous. However, for two full days she also looked like a drowned rat (her words) with flat, contained, unmoving, sealed up, gel-cast hair. By using additional styling products, not touching her hair, and carefully sleeping in a position to not disrupt the curls, she nailed day three like a curl boss. Did she have photoshoot ready hair on day one and two? Nope. Of course this is an extreme example, but the goal and intent was to arrive at her destination looking fabulous rather than looking fabulous during the journey.

Use extra gel or styling products on day one when you intend to go more than a single day. Are you applying products to best suit your hair needs?

Extra fine hair and cherub spirals (3b shape) are not going to get past day two, let alone three. The curl expands beyond its shape, each hair going a different direction than its neighbor. Sometimes it is just easier and more efficient to wet the hair and start over. There is nothing wrong with washing (with non-SLS cleanser) every day. You won’t get kicked out of the curl clubhouse. Embrace who you are, including your crown of curls. Lorraine talked about spot cleaning. You can wear clothing again, all you need to do is air it out a bit and tidy-up the places that need it. Same thing for hair. Isolate a couple of curls or just the front hairline and top crown area. Using a solution of diluted conditioner with water, spray a small section then squeeze and hold for a few seconds. Allow the section to air dry without touching. For especially frizz-prone hair or highly textured hair, pour the conditioner solution directly on to the hair section. Sometimes a mist just confuses the hair, but a thorough soaking redirects the hair back into shape. Lorraine makes a bottle with 1-part conditioner to 3 parts tap water. She recommends using gel or stylers on freshly cleansed day one hair only and to reactivate the product at the end of the day or on second day with just the solution of conditioner.

Post Exercise Sweat Soaked Hair: Use your body’s own product of salt water as your refresher. Add a few drops of your favorite essential oil blend (Innersense Harmonic Healing Oil or Sweet Spirit Leave In), and gently scalp massage with your fingertips without disrupting the midshaft or curl pattern. Use clippies or bobby pins to lift and shape hair at the crown, allow to air dry or gently difusse dry. Lorraine uses haircolor matching bobby pins, in a weaving motion right at the root. The pins are invisible and do not need to be removed.

Using a small amount of Innersene Whipped Cream, evenly distributed into your fingers and hand, gently part and pet down the root to about 3″ of hair going from a center part to a deep side part, at 1″ intervals, both sides. Finger massage the scalp to add height and to release cowlicks. Remove hands without pulling through hair, then gently scrunch the ends with a small amount of product. Allow to settle in, do not over-manipulate. Any feeling of stickiness will go away. If you have long hair, sleep with a top pony tail or pineapple ‘do. Remove as soon as you wake up. Also try using a Buff tube or head wrap.

ALL CURL TYPES: Sleep on a satin pillow case. Great tip from a curl guest at yesterday’s event: when you travel, bring a brightly colored or patterned one so you won’t forget it on the hotel bed.

Be mindful of your hair while carrying a shoulder bag or wearing clothing that causes friction. Keep hair away from seatbelts and eyeglass frames with nose pads. Touch your hair with intent and love. Embrace “good” frizz. Self acceptance is freedom; it looks good on you!

Please share your curl tips and let me know how today’s advice helped you.

Curl Love,


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Juniper Eco Salon Beverly Stylist & Curl Advocate 632 N Washington Street Alexandria VA 22314

Juniper Eco Salon
Stylist & Curl Advocate
632 N Washington Street
Alexandria VA 22314

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Organic Musings And Thoughts Of Spring

Backyard Organic Gardening, Soaking In the Sun, Winter Retreat

We might be in the middle of Winter, but I am getting ready for a wonderful and abundant Spring and Summer.

Hello Curls Salon will be closed from Wednesday, January 30 until Friday evening, February 1. For my Winter Retreat, I will be getting my feet covered in sand, air drying my hair in the ocean salt air, filling my ears with the sound of the waves, soaking up some sun rays and stopping time in its tracks. I will be “off-line” during this time; 100% unplugged from the internet, mobile phone, even a watch.
Unplugging is a great way to take a vacation, even at home. Try it for 24 hours and I would love to hear your story at your next appointment.
I will return emails and phone calls next Friday, February 1, after 5:00. You can still book an appointment 24 hours a day using Schedulicity.
I have added additional salon hours for the coming week (Saturday 1/26- Tuesday 1/29). I have 1-2 spots available for Saturday after 3:00, Sunday from 10:00-2:00, Monday from 10:00-12:00, and Tuesday from 10:00-4:00. Contact me directly if you would like to book any of these appointment times.
Feeding My Belly & My Soul With Gardening:
This month, I started my organic herb, vegetable and fruit container garden in my backyard. I am planting one to two varieties a week. So far, I have Italian Parsley, “Grafitti” pink cauliflower, Borage, Red Leaf Romaine Lettuce and an Alpine Strawberry. My mom gave me 10 hanging baskets and I will be experimenting with growing cherry and pearl tomatoes upside down; with Basil, Oregano, Thyme on the topside. I love growing tomatoes upside down. I allow the run off water to irrigate the containers below.
I am so lucky to be within biking and walking distance of Talini’s Nursery. They have a section of organic starter plants. Thanks to my bike panniers, extra long bungee cords and back rack, I hauled two large bags of organic worm casting potting soil back to my house.
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Curly & Entrepreneurial Spirit Connection

Before & After Photos On A Client With The Q-Redew


It was my pleasure to interview Heidi, the inventor and distributor of the Q-Redew steam mist styling wand. Like all great inventions, it came out of a personal need by someone not willing to accept the status quo. 

And it didn’t happen over night.
Heidi embraced her curls ten years ago. She quit flat-irons and blow-fryers “cold turkey” and has never gone back to straight. The only time she has suffered through a blown out style is from an uninitiated stylist to the ways and wonders of natural texture.
Heidi began her journey of curly hair knowledge and understanding by reading Curly Girl The Handbook by Lorraine Massey and reading the blogs on the early days of She knew answers and solutions were out there and she was determined to find them.
Where did she get her idea for the Q-Redew?
Heidi resides in Wisconsin. It was a cold (did I mentionWisconsin?) dreary February, and Heidi’s hair was suffering from moisture depletion and static from artificial heating and the extreme winter weather of the Midwest. At the time, Heidi’s hair was quite long and out of control.  Her quest for curly solutions and styling appliances took her to every website, blog post, product catalog for curly hair. But she came up with flat nothing. She had learned that curly hair needs moisture and realized steam was the perfect method for her needs. But no matter how hard she looked, there wasn’t any tool on the market that addressed styling and moisture treatment.
For over a year, Heidi kept returning to her idea. She knew she was on to something. She kept looking, butno one else, not even the curly hair experts had her brilliant concept.
A natural inventor, as well as naturally curly, Heidi tinkered around and adapted several items from her home. Heidi took a NOT-SAFE-FOR-HAIRSTYLING travel garmet steamer and MacGyvered an apparatus secured with hot glue and duct tape. She is justifiably concerned not to be too specific of her working model, because the very first version of her idea could potentially burn the scalp, face or eyes. Although she was not practicing “safety first”, I believe we can all appreciate her determination to solve her curly hair woes. 
Remember Beverly’s rule: “if it is too hot for your hand, it is too hot for your hair!
She beta-tested her design on family and friends. Her steam styler invention worked, curlyheads rejoyced and she was encouraged by her friends and family to take the next step.
In 2012, five years after her initial contact with a patent company in 2007, Heidi was granted her patent on the Q-Redew. 5 years! Thank you, Heidi, for sticking it out and giving us the Q-Redew!
What I love about Heidi is her courage and perseverance to take an idea from spark to full-on entrepreneurial bliss. She used the resources of her sister, a branding expert, and the assistance of her husband, friends and family to get her idea into reality and into the hands of in-need curly clients. 
Heidi hasn’t stopped there. She continuously learns and takes feedback from curly Q-Redew users and curl experts, like me, for additional techniques with the Q-Redew. She values education and hearing from her curly crew of users. The Q-Redew has hit the natural hair movement and chemical-free texture market of African American women, who have long known the benefits of dome-steamers for deep conditioning treatments. Unlike the dome-steamers, the Q-Redew is a quick and efficient way to style and revive curls. Although it will add moisture, it is not a replacement tool for deep treatments.
Curly hair is a journey! Every day, curly hair is different. As both Heidi and I have discovered, all people with curly and textured hair have a shared story. Although not every product or device will work the same on the hundreds of variations of curl, we have valuable information to share with each other. And now all of us curly haired folks have YouTube, Pinterest, blogs, NaturallyCurly, Twitter to share our tips and tricks.
Currently, Heidi is on her first year of grow out from a pixie cut. She has entered the most difficult stage of grow out, the phase from chin length to just touching the shoulders. If you have ever grown out your hair, you know her pain! Let’s all wish her good luck as she valiantly proceeds through this rough patch.  
Heidi’s Grow-Out Coping Tips:
The Q-Redew, of course! Plus the usual headbands, ponytails, hot rollers (with Q-Redew), and a sense of humor and resolve that curly hair is NOT predictable, but it can be asked nicely to behave. 
What is the Q-Redew? 
It is a safe-heat steam appliance used to style, revive curls, create volume, add lift to the crown, and give a moisture treatment to dry, thirsty curly locks.
Safety Features:
*The output steam is a small water molecule that is warm, not hot. It won’t burn your hair or skin.
*There is a trigger that releases the steam from two holes in the base.
*The tines keep the Q-Redew a safe distance from your scalp, as well as hold the hair to create lift and definition. Although it looks similar to a diffuser dryer bowl, no steam comes out of the tines, just the two holes in the base.
*The Q-Redew will automatically turn itself off when not in use if you forget to unplug the unit.
*The removable water reservoir can be taken to the sink to be filled with distilled water, filtered water or a reverse-osmosis system at your sink. 
See the Q-Redew in action in my own hair! Hello Curls YouTube Channel. Check out my latest video, Eraser Technique with Q-Redew.
You may order directly from Heidi, Q-Redew, or you may place an order with Hello Curls Salon for local pickup available for $70 plus tax. I have another shipment on its way; I’m totally sold out from last week’s order.
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Notes From The Wig Front

It’s the greatest haircut story ever told: Gift of the Magi. A star-crossed young couple, wanting the best Christmas, sacrifice their most prized possession in order to acquire the perfect gift for each other. The wife, her hair, the hubby and his pocketwatch; all wrapped up in a classic winter’s tail (foreshadowing pun).
Gift of the Magi, a kid-friendly adaptation written and directed by Jerry Montoya, opens this Saturday, November 17 and runs through December at the B Street Theatre. The Family Series performance is suitable for any audience member aged 5 and older.
Nancy Pipkin, Costume Designer and Hello Curls Client, asked me to design, build and stylenine wigs for the upcoming B Street Theater Family Series production. Instead of the usual research such as costume renderings; historical drawings; or antique sepia toned photographs; I received pictures of animals: a bear, a porcupine, a badger, a sheepdog, a raccoon, a skunk, and a fox.
Although the actors portray their characters in an animal form, they are all still very much real people. My task involved taking the essence of the animal’s shape and coloring and translate that into each character.
The Fox is the beautician, and her character needed the most coiffed and stylish hair of all. Initially, I selected a true auburn red colored wig, “fox red”. Nancy and I had been given the stylistic direction of “classic Americana” for our designs. To me, the penultimate glamour is 1940’s era hair. A common style from this era usually includes of two top rolls that already look like ears. I accentuated the hair ears with a center curl of white to emulate the large ears of an actual fox. I also created a pony tail of curls, giving the finishing touch of a luxurious fox tail.
I also designed two wigs that are “disguise” pieces, therefore needing to look “wiggy” and less “natural” than the other character wigs. I can’t tell you which animals or characters, because…it’s a secret!
I will tell you this trade secret: I used my industrial steamer to style the wigs. I didn’t use myQ-Redew, but I did think about it.
Funny but TRUE:  I came to the realization that I had out-greened myself. I did not possess a single can of aerosol extreme hold hairspray and I couldn’t finish my wig work. Donning a hat for my own disguise, I sheepishly entered the the drug store under the cover of night and purchased a can of unscented Aqua Net. Can anyone explain why unscented Aqua Net still smells? No, stinks?
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2nd and 3rd Day Hair Now A Reality

If all you ever wanted was SECOND or THIRD (maybe even FOURTH) day hair that actually looked as good as the F I R S T, I might have found the “holy grail” of curly hair appliances. It might be THE ANSWER for clients who must wash their hair at night to avoid early morning drying time.

It’s called Q-Redew and it looks similar to a diffuser bowl, but it emits a warm mist of steam to add volume to flattened crowns and reactivate the spirals and waves on dry curly hair.
Get a sneak peak at this amazing new tool and curl saver:
Today I spoke with Heidi, the inventor and owner of Q-Redew. I will be carrying the Q-Redew in Hello Curls Salon by the middle of this month. If you want to try it out, please visit my salon or schedule yourself for a free consultation appointment and see what Q-Renew can do for your ‘do.
Steam works. It works wonders. When I was a Wig Master in professional theater, styling wigs and hair pieces for Oscar and Emmy award winning celebrities such as Mercedes Ruehl and Jean Stappleton, I used a garment steamer to create curls and texture on their wigs. However, the temperature of a steamer is way too hot to use on a live human being. (Trust me; I tried it on myself. Ouch!)
Water as steam dries quickly. Warm water actually softens hair, to create bend and shape. Water from a spray bottle lands on the hair at a cold temperature, so it’s not as effective as steam and takes forever to dry. This is why I’ve recommended scrunching your hair with warm water from the faucet instead of a water bottle. However, a small shot of steam will dry quickly, reactivate curl and add volume if desired almost instantly.
The revolutionary design of the Q-Redew covers a palm-size area and the push button activator gives you the control of where and when to direct the steam. Conventional steamers, even travel steamers, cannot offer the advantage of selective on/off application.
I can’t wait to get my hands and curls on the Q-Redew. Hello Curls Salon will retail the Q-Redew for $70, saving you shipping costs and giving you instant shopping gratification.
The Q-Redew could also decrease your product usage by half, or more! The steam will reactivate the previous days’ product; you won’t need to add additional stylers. Curly hair requires almost a ton (kidding, maybe?) of product a year. A one time investment towards the Q-Redew will save all of us money and time. Happy dance time!
Holiday gift giving season is around the corner. Santa will understand; he has curly hair, too!
Stay tuned for an announcement of my video demonstrating the Q-Redew of my YouTube channel,hellocurls.
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